GivingTuesday Fundraiser for An Lac Temple

Dear Friends and Sangha,

An Lac, the first Vietnamese Buddhist temple in Indianapolis, Indiana, which was present very early years with the wish to have a “spiritual home” for Vietnamese people who were away from their homeland. An Lac Temple is led by the venerable master Nguyen Thien and the resident nuns, conducts spiritual activities such as weekly Dharma talks, Buddhist retreats, Buddhist Dharma classes, Vietnamese language classes for children, and all the other traditional events for the Vietnamese community and Americian people.

Until 2008, the Main Buddha hall was built, providing a place for everyone to come and practice Buddhism. However, since then, the temple still has not had a good condition place for everyone to sit down and eat, especially, on the crowded days when there are major events, and there isn’t a good place for the kids to have Vietnamese classes. With the situation of the old house used as a temporary kitchen for many years and that is also where the nuns and Buddhists have their meals every week, we earnesgtly ask for your supports and donations in helping us to rebuild the activity house that will benefit everyone.

So now that we hear Facebook encourages individuals to donate to nonprofits, Facebook will match an amount of money equal to the amount we each donate. An Lac Temple is also a non-profit organization recognized by the US government and therefore entitled to participate in this program. This year, Facebook will donate $7 million worldwide on Tuesday, December 3, 2019.  This event will run from December 3rd through 31st, 2019.

You can donate via this Facebook link:

If anyone does not know how to make your donation, please send a check to the temple and the nuns will take care of your contribution.

On behalf of the An Lac committee, we would like to acknowledge the merit of your donation.

Wish you all have well and good health

Ven. Nguyen Thien

5249 E. 30th Street
Indianapolis, IN 46218
1 (317) 545-1234