Ullumbana Invitation Letter

Mano Great Filial MahaMaudgalyayana Bodhisattva

We would like to invite you to come celebrate the Ullumbana Day with us at An Lac Temple. The Formal Celebration of Ullumbana Day is on Sunday, September 10th, 2017 at 10:00 am.

Ullumbana Day comes once a year, and this day is used to represent the gratitude and appreciation we have for our parents and ancestors. We take this time to share our deepest appreciation for the mothers that went through the rigor of child bearing, and the suffering of child labor. It doesn’t stop there. There is the lifelong hardship of raising these children and continues to be an ongoing circumstance.

On this very special day, it is a reminder for everyone to respect their parents and to be a filial child. The children should learn to respect, love, and take good care of their parents while they are still living.


Sunday, September 10, 2016

  • 09:00 am:  Gathering
  • 10:00 am:  Dharma Lecture
  • 11:00 am:  Ullumbana Ceremony
  • 12:00 pm:  Recitation of Shurangama Mantra Chant in Vietnamese
  • 01:00 pm:  Monastic Offering Ceremony
  • 02:30 pm:  Grand Offering Ceremony to the Hungry Ghosts



TKN. Nguyên Thiện